011eyewear is born within a post-industrial Turin. The logo is for a factory with smoking chimneys, still perfectly running. Standing for a cultural rebirth and industrial thrill. This is the ideal environment 011 found the right inspiration from. Turin, a city full of life, featuring modern trends, able to reconvert disused buildings into new urban spaces, without compromising the original essence.
Spaces with a grunge background, underground neighborhoods, art and experimentations places making Torino an avant-garde and design capital. Innovation runs fast, and that's why 011eyewear draw inspiration from the past, reinventing themselves in a modern way, with a clear color cut. Eyewear moving on an established urban archeology and pursuing an avant-garde art inspired originality, forward-looking and targeting progress.
Thus, 011 design becomes just as smoke coming out of chimneys in the logo: elusive and unstoppable.


In relation to production as well, 011eyewear maintain this principle. Eyewear is entirely Made in Italy by a team of young talented artisans. That is how Italian handcraft tradition meets the taste for new.  Excellence of a refined and established technique meets the thrill for a futuristic design.

011eyewear uses acetate Mazzucchelli 1849 for its eyewear. Cellulose acetate, synthesized from cotton and wood pulp, is ideal for recreating unique and out-of-the-box color effects. Starting from this raw but first class material, 011eyewear applies its distinctive feature, the color gluing. For each pair of glasses the ideal color combination is chosen, able to create an unusual and recognizable harmony.


Daniele and Simone: brothers, colleagues, entrepreneurs. They founded 011eyewear in 2015 after several experiences and industry studies. They soon become company, shortly getting positive feedbacks and acknowledgments.
Their philosophy is a past becoming future, a vintage reshaping itself into new forms, eyewear showing the charm of tradition combined with the speed of innovation. They refuse immobility, instead facing new forms of beauty constantly seeked in their travels, their readings and in everyday life.
011 is the dream of the ones who have realized there is s still space to create unique design items, combining the taste for beauty to a common aesthetic ideal. That’s how it gets to 011. Starting from scratch and combining two numbers 1. Resulting not only in two brothers, but also in Turin and in a unique eyewear collection.